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Can I put any Plate on my car ?
There are a few simple restrictions on which plate you can use on your car.
How long does the process take ?
What time period am I looking at when initiating a plate change ?
What happens to my original Plate ?
What happens to my original plate when I have the new plate fitted ?

Let us do all the work

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Let Caledon Plates do all the work for you. We can organise and help in every step with transfering your new plate to your car. Feel free to contact us to discuss any special requirements.

Terms of Business

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  • A registration can only be reserved for a client upon credit card or cheque payment of 10% deposit ( minimum £100.00). This deposit secures the registration for up to 3 weeks, or until the application to transfer is about to be put to the DVLA Local Office – when all the necessary papers are together.
  • The balance payment will then be required, along with the £80.00/105.00 cheque for the transfer fee, as the transfer cannot be effected until these payments have been cleared. From the time of us submitting the papers, buyers normally receive notification of a successful transfer within 2-4 weeks.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for delays or failure caused by the DVLA Local Office or the donor client (the person selling the registration). We endeavour to present the application to transfer in the shortest possible time, and therefore request our clients to forward documents without delay, when we require them. Please note that we have no powers to influence the DVLA, or their Local Office, who will process your application in their own time! N.B. Our liability is limited to a full refund of money paid. This agreement is bound by Scottish Law. 
  • In the rare event of the application being rejected, the deposit plus any balance paid will be refunded in full, provided the failure is through no fault of the recipient ( the person buying the registration ). We cannot accept responsibility for losses incurred due to the actions or advice of any other parties.
  • Purchasers are advised the CALEDON MARKETING (the trading name for the Caledon Plates web site) shall retain all of the deposit if you fail to provide us with the vehicle documentation ( Log Book, MOT &c. ) within the time limits given for us to present the application. This also applies should you change your mind and seek to withdraw from the transaction. Refunds of transfer fees are at the DVLA’s discretion.
  • Purchasers who wish to put a mark on retention for transfer to a vehicle at a later date should note that this will cost an extra £25.00 for a certificate lasting up to one year ( total cost = £105.00 ). N.B If you do not assign the mark to your car before the expiry date, you may lose the number! If there is less than one month left on the certificate, you should put the number on a vehicle in your name. Only the Grantee can extend the number: as Nominee, you have no legal title to the mark.  If possible, we will arrange for you to be made the Grantee, which makes the process far safer for you.
  • The transaction shall be considered as finally completed only when DVLA, Swansea issue a replacement V5C (Log Book ) for the recipient vehicle, which bears the new registration mark – or a V778 Retention Certificate, as the case may be.
  • The purchaser agrees to be bound by current DVLA rules and CALEDON MARKETING undertake to submit all applications for transfer in full accordance with these rules. Although we cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions made by either the DVLA/Local Office, or any other party.
  • Under the Distance Selling Regulations you are informed that our service begins as soon as a registration is reserved on your behalf and so there is no cooling off period.  The transaction cannot now be cancelled and no refund will be offered.
  • It must be emphasised that the application cannot be submitted by CALEDON MARKETING until both the purchaser and the vendor have sent us all the documents we require, and that once we have submitted the application we cannot guarantee a completion date as that is completely outwith our control.
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