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Can I put any Plate on my car ?
There are a few simple restrictions on which plate you can use on your car.
How long does the process take ?
What time period am I looking at when initiating a plate change ?
What happens to my original Plate ?
What happens to my original plate when I have the new plate fitted ?

Let us do all the work

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Let Caledon Plates do all the work for you. We can organise and help in every step with transfering your new plate to your car. Feel free to contact us to discuss any special requirements.

Helpful Information

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Can I put any plate on my car ?

NO !  The number you choose must not make your car look younger than it actually is - for example, if you have a 1999 registered X-plated vehicle, you will only be able to put an Irish (eg CUI 4400), non-dating (eg BSP 766), suffix (eg AAJ 34Y) or prefix (eg J1 RLG) registration on UP TO AND INCLUDING one with an "X" at the beginning...X999 YYY is the very youngest possible registration your vehicle can legally have.

If you have a 2007 "57" plated car, you can assign almost any number that has ever been issued, except "08", "58" and 2009 registrations and beyond.

You can purchase a numberplate and keep it "On Retention" (like a share certificate) to be used at some later date, whether for a future birthday or until you acquire a car young enough to display your perfect reg.  Almost all Caledon numberplates are currently held on Retention certificates, and we will do all the paperwork necessary for transferring your chosen plate at no extra charge, or advise you on how to do it yourself at your local DVLA office, when it suits you.

How long does the process take ?

Well...that depends on what you are trying to do.  The DVLA can be quite variable when it comes to processing paperwork, but 2 to 4 weeks is the average.

However, if you have a vehicle ready to receive a numberplate which we have in stock, and it is on a Retention certificate (ie +£105 fees on our list), then we can do the transfer at  DVLA Office in Swansea within fourteen days of receiving secure payment!  To effect this speedy transfer promise, we must confirm that your chosen vehicle is taxed (or you have an application to tax ready), MoT-ed (if old enough) and is either in your name, or you have the V5C (log book) signed and altered ready to be put into your name.  Do NOT send the V5C away, or you must wait up to 6 weeks before anything else can be done!

If you are buying a car from a dealer, and (s)he is happy to deal with us, we can usually arrange for them to do what is required on our behalf, if they are not happy to part with documents before a sale is finalised.

If in doubt- call Grant or Andrew to discuss your requirements.

What happens to my original plate ?

The number on your car just now (the "homebase number") goes into Limbo, as we say, and will be re-assigned to the vehicle when you take your cherished/private plate off again in the future. However, if you wish to keep the number safe for any reason, you MUST transfer it to another vehicle (or put it on Retention) AT THE SAME TIME AS YOU PUT THE NEW NUMBER ON, or you will lose the number forever!

These are the DVLA rules, and must be followed- we can advise you on how to keep that number under your control.

Call Grant or Andrew to discuss your requirements

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